About Vidal


Born and raised in New York City (Manhattan)  with a background in Accounting. I photograph just about anything that is of interest to me i appreciate Art, architecture not just photograph it, but to also learn from such talented and gifted individuals behind their works…  I also love to travel, dine out, walk and walk….Enjoying life with my loved ones one frame at a time…

Love animals – Have a puggle her name is Sassy

Married to a wonderful woman…

I hope you’ll join me as i walk the streets of NYC, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and other great cities…

Enjoy the photos!

“New Yorker in Motion”

Equipment: Tiffen & Lee Filters from Polarizers to Star Effect…Canon T3i, Nikon D7100, Canon Powershot 110HS on camera LED light/Telephoto Lenses.

Nikon D7100


Iphone 5s
Iphone 5s


Fluent in English, Spanish

My best to all…


In Loving Memory of our baby girl Mia Nicole.

In Loving Memory of our baby girl Mia Nicole

Lord, We wanted to hold our little one on

our laps and tell her about You.

But since we never had that chance,

will You please hold her on Your lap and

tell her about us?

Love Always,

Parents of Mia Nicole

Copyright © 2011-2014 Vdloz Images All Rights Reserved. All photographs are property of Vdloz Images


27 thoughts on “About Vidal

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  1. Hi Vidal! Thank you very much for the follow. I looked through your blog and I love your photos 🙂 (The last time I was in NYC and Washington DC was way back in 2002)

  2. Hi Vidal!
    Thank you for stopping by and for ‘following’…Its so nice to meet other photographers who share an interest!
    Photography is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?
    I am enjoying visiting your site as NYC is one of my favorite places even though I’ve only gotten a chance to visit twice.
    Its so nice to get to ‘see’ it more often now, through your blog!
    Thanks again!
    Lee (aka Light Blue)

    1. Lee,

      It was my pleasure to visit your wonderful blog and expect many more visits 🙂
      Glad you are enjoying the NYC photos…Photography is wonderful! The best part of
      it you never stop learning…

      My best,

  3. Hi – thanks for the ‘like’ on my peppermint trees post. I love your photos – esp. the one of Togo! One day, I will have a ‘grown-up’ camera too. For the moment, I am using (a very good) cannon point&shoot.
    am following 🙂

    1. Keira,

      Many thanks for commenting…What a remarkable story of this dog “Togo”.
      Renowned photographer Chase Jarvis said “The best camera is the one with you..

      My best,

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