The Big Rat

The Unions have a big inflatable rat that they put in front of business that do things they don’t like- like using non-union labor.

Frigid Temperatures!

A Starbucks right on the corner of 6th Ave ๐Ÿ™‚

The Big Rat...

Canon Announces The PowerShot N

Joe Vettori Photography

London, UK, 7 January 2013โ€“ Canon today unveils the PowerShot N- a totally new type of camera that offers a different approach to capturing creative, spontaneous photos and sharing them instantly with social networks. The unconventional square design, innovative zoom and shoot operation lens rings and tilting touch screen encourage people to capture their world from a fresh angle, whilst the new Creative Shot mode automatically generates a selection of unexpected creative treatments with every shot taken. The perfect smartphone companion, the PowerShot N has been designed to simplify image sharing with intuitive Wi-Fi connectivity allowing a new generation of high-quality, artistic images and Full HD videos to be shared in near real-time1.

Inject every shot with artistic flair Thanks to the new Creative Shot mode, anyone can impress their friends and followers with unique, creative images that offer a different perspective on a typical scene or subject. Whenโ€ฆ

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