I have been nominated for the “Sunshine Award”

Thank you! Cornelia Lohs for the nomination http://strassenfotojournal.com/2012/05/05/blogger-awards

Please visit her blog B&W photography amazing work…

Favorite things:

Love to travel, coffee lover(Starbucks, Zaro’s etc..) tech junkie, Classic movies, Sports Cars, Architecture, Street Art, Passionate about Photography,  Dining out, walking….

I nominate these 10 talented individuals i simply say thank you…

Jennifer Triplett: http://treebranchdesign.wordpress.com/, Marina Chetner: http://marinachetner.com/, Roberto Alborghetti: http://robertoalborghetti.wordpress.com/, Cornelis Verwaal : http://cverwaal.wordpress.com/, Davide Capponi: http://rubicorno.com/, Christie Pepper: http://christiepepper.com/, Allen Capoferri:  http://allencapoferri.wordpress.com/, http://bigcitiesbrightlights.wordpress.com/, Victor Ho: http://photobackstory.wordpress.com/, Loni: http://loniduekart.wordpress.com/

Thank you,

Vidal’s NYC https://vidalnyc.wordpress.com


6 thoughts on “I have been nominated for the “Sunshine Award”

    1. Marina,

      Thank you! I am 10 & 10 haha i normally like to balance things out i guess it is an Accounting thing i have 🙂
      10 Favorite things and 10 nominations…

      Splendid photos marina…


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